National and international business consulting

The company internationalization is an essential requirement in a globalized market. Lotics Communication, based in Riga (Latvia), offers advice to individuals, businesses, Italian and foreign companies that want to operate abroad.

We are a company that offers services and corporate support.

Lotics Communication operates to bring together two or more parties to conclude a deal. We guarantee the research for a potential buyer / tenant or seller / landlord and the good outcome of the deal, also managing the relationship between the parties.

Our goal is to implement the portfolio of assets to handle, manage the sales process or collaboration between enterprises, realize commercial evaluations, organize promotional activities and provide advice to the client in choosing the best form of financing (if needed) to purchase or to start a business abroad.

For an entrepreneur, unfortunately, as far as you can try to do it with full commitment, it is often extremely difficult to be completely impartial when considering matters that concern us closely. In these moments, therefore, it is helpful to look for advice and external opinions. And it’s precisely in this regard that our company supports its customers.

We provide companies an outside opinion and fresh insights that can help them to grow in the future.

We work for medium and large-sized Italian and foreign companies, public and private, in the most important sectors of the economy. Our clients are active in sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, technology and media, mergers and acquisitions activities, public administration.


Lotics Communication, Sia

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